Recruitment of Quality Assurance staff


BTM Aerospace Joint Stock Company recruits:

  1. Position: Quality Assurance Officer (QAE)
  1. Quantity: 02 people
  1. Gender: Not required
  1. Salary: monthly income from 10-15 million, depending on the candidate's capacity and agreement when interviewing 
  2. Job description:

- Internal quality assessment according to ISO 9001 and aviation regulations

- Maintaining the effectiveness of the quality management system according to ISO 9001 and aviation regulations

- Compile, issue, update, modify, and maintain quality documents

- Incident, error and accident investigation

- Supporting external quality assessment teams

- Handling inquiries and complaints about the quality of the production department and of customers

- Initial and periodic training for staff on quality management system

- Other jobs as required by management 

  1. Application requirements:

- Qualification: Graduated from Universities, Colleges, majoring in engineering (mechanical, electrical-electronics)

- Master and well use MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point).

- TOEIC 550 or equivalent, or good in listening-speaking-reading-writing

- Prioritize:

+ People with experience in the same position,

+ People with experience in internal audit according to ISO 9001

      7.   Benefits of recruited people:

- Working office hours, off Saturday and Sunday

- Qualified staff can sign a long-term contract.

- Professional working environment according to international standards. Opportunities to go on business to combine domestic and foreign travel.

- Free lunch at the Company,

- Daily shuttle bus from Hanoi to the company

- Per diem and other regimes according to Company regulations.

- Increase salary according to work performance and fully commit to the regimes for employees in accordance with the current law (social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance ...).

- Be entitled to annual leave, leave the regime and public holidays according to the State's regulations.

- To participate in extracurricular activities such as entertainment, sports, travel of the Company, ... 

  1. Working time:

Full time, working office hours, off Saturday and Sunday

  • Work location:

Lot 43A, Quang Minh Industrial Park, Chi Dong Town, Me Linh, Hanoi.

  1.  Plan for receiving and approving dossiers:

Application time: 1/6/2020 - 15/6/2020

Processing time: 1-3 days from the date of receipt.

  1.  Place of application:

Applications submitted in person / email / sent by post to the address:

Recipients: Mrs. Hoa - 0987.221.899 - 024.38185930

BTM Aerospace Joint Stock Company

Lot 43A, Quang Minh Industrial Park, Chi Dong Town, Me Linh District, Hanoi

Or send by email:


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