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Who we are

BTM Aerospace JSC (BTM) is an enterprise specializing in providing solutions and services in Aviation Industries.


BTM Aerospace JSC (BTM) is an enterprise specializing in providing solutions and services in Aviation Industries. BTM stands for an abbreviation in Vietnamese which mean "New Sky" with the emphasis on shining, finding new horizons in the aviation sector in Vietnam and the world.

Aviation Industries are developing strongly, customers' needs become larger and more diverse. Meanwhile, most aviation companies can only provide a few services, due to barriers regarding technologies, in-depth investment and limited knowledge of aviation Industries. Understanding the desires of customers, BTM Aerospace with our professional – are perennial experts in the field of aircraft engineering, pilots, flight attendants, training – We are committed to providing the most advanced aviation services and solutions.

With the desire to conquer the "New Sky" with the spirit of perseverance and the culture of "absolute compliance with safety standards", BTM Aerospace will soon firmly step on the path of conquering the vast and the vast sky, soon becoming the leading brand in the aviation industry in Vietnam and the region.

Vision & Mission


To become a leading brand in Aerospace Industry in Vietnam and region.


We ready to offer the best solutions and services to contribute to the development of the Aviation Industry in Vietnam and region.

Board of Directors

Mr. Khanh removebg preview e1601961428693
Ngo Huy Khanh


Chairman Tran Hai Dang removebg e1601961303836
Tran Hai Dang


Deputy Director Nguyen Thao removebg preview e1601961461463
Nguyen Thao

Vice president


NGUYEN DUC DUONG Engineering Planning Training Head Truong phong Ky thuat ke hoach dao tao removebg preview e1622018272315
Nguyen Duc Duong

Engineering - Planning - Training Head

MAI THE CHIEN QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGER Giam doc dam bao chat luong rs removebg preview e1622018493216
Mai The Chien

Quality Assurance Manager

DO THI NHUNG ACCOUNTANT MANAGER removebg preview e1622018556240
Do Thi Nhung

Accountant Manager

VU NGOC HOA Sales Manager Giam doc ban hang removebg preview e1622018603786
Vu Ngoc Hoa

Sales Manager

NGUYEN THANH HUY Workshop Maintenance Manager Quan ly bao duong thiet bi removebg preview e1622018633301
Nguyen Thanh Huy

Workshop Maintenance Manager


DUONG VIET DUNG inspection staff removebg preview e1622018656534
Duong Viet Dung

Inspection Staff

TRAN THI HUE QUALITY ASSURANCE chuyen gia danh gia chat luong removebg preview e1622018770887
Tran Thi Hue

Quality Assurance

TO HOANG VU Component Certifying Staff nhan vien xac nhan bao duong removebg preview e1622018927463
To Hoang Vu

Component Certifying Staff

DANG TIEN TAM TECHNICIAN removebg preview e1622018803987
Dang Tien Tam


NGUYEN VAN TRUONG TECHNICIAN removebg preview e1622018864313
Nguyen Van Truong


NGUYEN LAN HUONG MARKETING EXECUTIVE removebg preview e1622018895493
Nguyen Lan Huong

Marketing Executive

LE VAN HIEP TECHNICIAN removebg preview e1622018831363
Le Van Hiep



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